UPDATE: The Blog, Youtubes, Twitter, Facebook and Sound Cloud…

Hi all:
My apologies, this is long overdue. Since I announced my new position in the weather office I’ve received many kind words and thoughts. Thank you for that. Thank you also for the incredibly positive support of the webinars, Youtubes and the blog. Without a doubt, my recent work with the Emergency Management Community and the Media has been the most satisfying chapter of my career. EM’s are the most important client of the weather service when it comes to the provision of critical weather information and the Media is essential to informing Canadians. It has been my pleasure to work closely with both groups.
I’ll cut to the chase. I intend to return to all Social Media platforms by next winter, producing Youtubes, Tweets, Facebook posts and sound files about high-impact weather and writing a daily Monday-to-Friday blog exactly as before with one exception: I will be doing it on my own time from my own website, meteorologistdavidjones.ca. I will notify everyone when I have everything up and running. Best of all, there will be NO PASSWORDS NEEDED!!
That’s all for now. Cheers!

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