21 February, 2014 09:00

Note: I’m away at Big White skiing with my daughter and guesting with friends for the weekend.

Apparently, there is no Wi-Fi and no TV in this otherwise well-stocked and stunningly not-humble abode. WTH? Some friends change. And not always for the better.

So NOW, in addition to my diminshed capacity to blog, I’ll have no choice but to

1) pay attention to family and friends.

2) converse and engage without electronic interruption.

3) warmly (and probably, in this rare circumstance where past performance IS a reliable predictor) less-than-graciously embellish stories from the past, later incorporating familiar next-day excuses about the undue influence of the finest Pinotage Reserve and/or Red Shoe White from the fabulous THE VIEW winery just down the hill (full cases of which are literally strewn about this alpine nirvana, and oh-mi… do I have some GREAT stories lately!)

Ahem…just so you know: It was the liquor talking.

PS if you’re in the area, send me an email and perhaps we can connect for a few turns or a few pints. Or bottles.

Right now, looking out over those cases at the slopeside freshies, I’m boldly predicting this is going to be one outstanding day!

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