5 January, 2014 09:43

A strong ridge of high pressure will result in dry conditions today for most areas as the main systems are deflected to the north. A warm front could bring a chance of flurries to the extreme north while warm advection results in steady snow and wind in the White Pass area. Winds will ease somewhat later today as the associated cold front pushes inland and weakens as it moves east. Snow will become more likely overnight into Monday over the northern regions as the Arctic front becomes more defined with a low developing over the Alberta Peace district. Ahead of the low strong westerly winds will develop along the northern foothills giving low level subsidence and continued dry conditions.
On Tuesday the cold front will drop across the coastal regions bringing some snow and lower freezing levels while interior regions remain dry as confidence remains fairly high.
For Wednesday however models differ quite a bit more with the GFS showing a more progressive pattern and a less developed low
pressure area which crosses Vancouver Island. In contrast the Glbl shows a stronger low moving toward the north coast. Expect that solution will lie between the two so not as much development of the low and track north of Vancouver Island but confidence is lower due to uncertainty. One thing is fairly certain is that warm advection should give more organized snow and wind along the coast as snow levels rise slightly.
By Thursday confidence is really out the window as GFS becomes the outlier. Glbl in closer agreement with the ECMWF shows a stronger westerly flow developing aloft with a very intense low in the Gulf of Alaska. GFS probably closer to the truth with a less intense low moving across Vancouver Island with not as much change in freezing levels. Expect that steady precipitation will remain along coast with onshore flow continuing but flurries will spread across the interior with some upslope snow along the Rockies.

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