13 December, 2013 07:41

Today is the transition day as we finally are rid of the storm that has buried much of the province under snow, and we’re on the precipice of another storm.
Light precip across the province is expected today. By this evening a low pressure system and frontal wave moves over Anchorage. This will start to spread precip and wind into the AK panhandle and White Pass.
The frontal wave pushes across northern BC on Friday night and Saturday. Freezing levels will rise over the northern portions of the province, but the bigger story may be another round of significant snowfall in the same areas that were inundated with the recent storm. On Sunday the trailing cold front crosses the province with light to moderate precip around the regions. Freezing levels fall and we enter a period of a strong zonal flow aloft.
Monday is a pretty benign weather day, really another transition day, as a third storm is on the way for Tuesday. This storm takes aim at the north coast which will lead to rising freezing levels in the south and heavy precip to most mountain ranges. Comparing to other models, the trend is the same, but the GLB has the strongest low approaching.

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