6 June, 2013 09:23

Started: 05/06/2013 11:26 PM by Keetley

06 Jun 2013

Models look pretty consistent as they have all week. South coast should be generally sunny after some morning cloud today. Increasing cloud late late today and overnight as the next front arrives. Most places have a risk of showers right around tomorrow morning. No one expects more than a few mm. Then clearing late Friday. Extended put some morning cloud on Sat and Sun so wording came in as mix sun/cloud which differs from the current sunny. Looking at the progs, Sunday looks sunny and Saturday might have a bit of morning cloud, but not worth a change from sunny. Adjusted both of these days to be sunny. Monday doesn’t even look too bad, but mix sun/cloud from the previous sunny seem reasonable.

Convection-wise tomorrow should be pretty quiet. Risk of usual isolated CB’s in the usual spot in the Yukon. Southern Kootenay Lake/West Kootenay/Elk Valley also has a risk. Geng’s prog is showing some warning type winds, small hail and decent rain. We had a look at things and it seems like Geng is overdoing things. Capes are skinny, shear isn’t much, etc. A few isolated CB’s down there might become decent, but should stay below warning criteria.

Posted: 06/06/2013 6:04 AM by Keetley

The LAM and 06Z run are a fair bit different with the timing of the precip into YVR. The LAM has the precip here by 06Z while the REG doesn’t bring it until 10Z. The 00Z run was even slower with the precip arriving around 13Z. The 06Z run is also a bit more positive with the amounts.

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