6 May, 2013 07:46

06 May 2013

NIR sat loop and sfc obs show that a stratus surge moved rapidly overnight from srn OR to about kuil at 12z this morning but feature appears to be slowing now. The postion of ST and sly winds are about 3 to 6 hours faster than the 00z reg. We think the cld will remain on the outer coast and perhaps not even make it north of themouth of JDF today. Surface gradients are still outflow across the inner south coast this morning but not quite as strong as last night. wind profiler shows the outflow is only abt 1km deep this am vs 3km yesterday. So with weaker outflow this am and a grdual leakge of marine air through JDF this afternoon, but with BL temps similar or slightly higher than yesterday, expect sfc temps most areas to be similar to yesterdays values, except near WCst vrisl where it should be cooler.

Posted: 06/05/2013 5:27 AM by Smith

12 daily high temp records broken yesterday on coast and 2 in the interior. Sent an awcn11 last night. Two media inquiries about record temps, one from a YCW radio station at 0349am. Returned call at 0450am after MFs sent and they wanted a "live to tape" interview. It could be difficult to maintain this new level of service.

Posted: 06/05/2013 5:38 AM by Smith

Models agree that the short wave moving down from nrn bc into Ab next 24 hours will flatten our ridge temporarily and force the thermal trough inland Tuesday. This will result in a west to nothwest marine push Monday night over the south coast, cooler temps for Tues but probably not too much low cloud on Tues morning. Isolated showers fsct over the sern interior but we held off on any mention of tshwrs (scribe had these for a couple of regions) given breakdown from NW. NW-SE ridge axis rebuilds along coast from from Weds to Fri with thermal trough axis over the Interior. Temps gradually rebound everywhere but probably to record breaking levels. Highest temps should be east of coast range given postion of TT.

Posted: 06/05/2013 5:44 AM by Goosen

Models are similar at shifting thermal trough inland this afternoon, resulting in strong winds for GST and JDF. Little more confident that JDF won’t reach gales as LAM shows 25-30kts and 06Z REG shows smaller area of 25-30. Models are similar at 15-25 kts developing this evening for GST. Models are also similar with winds offshore. The only real uncertainty is with the strength of sly winds in the plume of stratus today. LAM has barely anything and REG doesn’t show any SE wind until overnight and even then the model is trending down.

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